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What Sheet Metal Professionals Do

Metal in the form of large, flat sheets can be cut, bent, joined, and installed to become duct work, downspouts, skylights, signs, siding, and many other products found in a building.  Sheet metal professionals make, install, and maintain these things and many more.

In addition to sheet metal, these professionals may also work with plastic and fiberglass.  They read blueprints and specifications, take measurements, construct the various components, check them for accuracy, and then install the pieces where needed.  Work can be done in a factory, in an existing building, on a construction job site. This craft uses a lot of different tools, such as drills, hammers, welding rods, and shears.

How Much Can I Earn?

As an entry level apprentice or sheet metal professional, you can start at $9-$12 per hour.  As you learn and increase your skill set, you can advance to $16 per hour.  An experienced sheet metal professional, can make upwards of $60,000 a year!

What Can I Expect from a Career in Sheet Metal?

If you have good math and reading skills, the ability to visualize something; and are interested in working with lots of different kinds of tools, this can be a great career.  It requires skill, dexterity, and a creative mind.  There is a lot of variety in this trade.  Sheet metal professionals cut, fit, assemble, and occasionally weld.  This is challenging and satisfying work.  No day or project is ever the same.  It can be physically challenging – there is standing, climbing, and bending involved.  It is also mentally challenging – the ability to make accurate calculations and think ahead are important, as are solid algebra and geometry skills.  Hand- eye coordination is also an asset.

How do I Get Started?

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