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What Pipefitters Do

Pipefitters install, maintain, and repair the many different types of pipes and piping systems used in buildings, factories, and utilities.

These systems are used to heat and cool buildings; carry water; provide gas; and generate electricity.  They read blueprints, measure, mark, cut, and assemble.  Some pipefitters specialize in a certain area, such as fire sprinkler systems (sprinklerfitters) or liquids and gases (steamfitters).  Regardless of the specialization, pipefitters work with a variety of tools, depending on the size and material of the pipes they are handling.  Pipefitters with experience and knowledge can also become supervisors for mechanical and plumbing contractors.

How Much Can I Earn?

As an entry level apprentice or pipefitter, you can start at $11-$13 per hour.  As you learn and increase your skill set, you can advance to $19 per hour.  An experienced pipefitter can make upwards of $65,000 a year!

What Can I Expect from a Career in Pipefitting?

Pipefitters work both indoors and outdoors.  This craft requires physical strength to lift pipes, accessories, and heavy-duty tools.  There can be travel involved to various job sites, particularly if you have developed an area of specialty.  Pipefitting is challenging and satisfying work.  No day or project is ever the same.  It is physically challenging – there is standing, climbing, and bending involved.  It is also mentally challenging – the ability to read blueprints, calculate dimensions and materials needed, and select appropriate tools is a big part of the job.  Someone who can do careful work and needs little supervision is a good candidate.  Hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity are good assets for a pipefitter.

How do I Get Started?

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If you are not in Illinois, you can also contact your local ABC Chapter for information in your area on training and job opportunities.  There are 75 ABC Chapters nationwide; you can find a complete listing at www.abcil.org.

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